Some nice things people are saying about How We End:

“A funny, sad, and smart work that pairs succinct writing with inventive collage work.
- Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

“...the small, self-published masterpiece, How We End. (Self-published), pushes at the boundaries of the narrative photobook by combining sculptural, collaged public imagery with poignantly written short stories, all packed into the confines of 192 smartly designed, spare pages.” 
Alexander Strecker, LensCulture

“The wit is as sharp as the scissors.” 
- David Campany, writer, curator and artist

“An hour later, I returned to consciousness, having somehow read the whole thing, and having been moved and impressed by its artistry, wit, and poignancy.  I think that'll happen to a lot of people.” 
- Jack Lechner, executive producer of Blue Valentine

“This book is perfect. You can trust me: literally every woman I've ever dated can tell you the exact moment they wanted to leave me.” 
Dan Wilbur, comedian and creator of Better Book Titles

- anonymous ex-boyfriend

“A must-read for all students of Millenial eschatology. Anyone who doesn't love this book is a sex-shaming asshole.” 
- Bob Schneider, columnist at McSweeneys, Hannah's dad

“The stories are funny and horrible. I feel depressed and I'm going to bed.” 
- Winifred Weiss, artist, Kate’s mom

“I like your book.”
- Stephen Shore, renowned American photographer

“I bought the book.
- Tom Fontana, creator of OZ  

“I was surprised to find that, while there's humor in some of the story details and in the writing, the overall feeling I left with was one of sadness and mystery. It's not an aching, bad feeling, just a wisp of melancholy and the notion of being left all alone on this Earth, with everyone else left in the rooms of the past.” 
Johnny Iguana, renowned blues piano miracle worker and storied rock keyboard adventurer.

“It's really good. I'm super pissed.”
- anonymous ex-boyfriend